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MAB Organics is owned and operated by me- Madeleine Essex, proud mother of two young children in Collingwood, Ontario. After my babies were born, I started to realize how much of a massive impact raising children could have on the environment. Baby clothing and accessories are extremely cute- but unfortunately, they aren’t always produced ethically/ sustainably and a lot of the time they end up in our landfills after a couple of wears and washes.

Fast fashion is the second most environmentally harmful industry in the world- and children's fashion exacerbates this by virtue of quick growth. I am becoming increasingly passionate about my social, environmental and economic responsibilities, and in Canada, we are truly blessed with an array of amazing companies that feel the same way. Companies that design, operate and manufacture here in Canada. I want to do my part, while helping others do their part- in diminishing the carbon footprint(s) of child rearing, while supporting our local economy and the local businesses that are making socially responsible and eco-friendly choices. The objective of this passion project is to connect conscious parents, guardians, grandparents, aunties and uncles as well as caregivers - with ethically made, sustainable, organic and low waste children's products.


Our goal is to celebrate and support Canadian sustainable businesses and their products. We are part of a much broader social and environmental movement that aims to educate buyers on the importance of ethical shopping, while simultaneously making these products more accessible to families in Collingwood, Blue Mountains and Thornbury Ontario with Free local delivery. 

We are currently busy establishing relationships with amazing Canadian companies as well as curating quality, functional and ethical products that you and your family will be able to pass down through multiple children- for many years to come. Join our mailing list today for updates and exclusive Giveaways! 

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