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Anointment Brand Review

Our skin is, ultimately, our home. It protects us, it helps us heal, it allows us to show love and affection.

So why do we allow so many harsh chemicals to go near it?

In the name of perfect skin, we collectively spend billions of dollars on products that are harsh on our skin and destructive for our planet. In fact, the small plastic beads used in many exfoliants and cleansers are a huge environmental threat that can take centuries to biodegrade.

If we are going to solve this problem, we need to turn our attention to brands committed to sustainability-- such as Anointment.

Marketing themselves as a company inspired by our “place in nature”, Anointment boasts a comprehensive line of products for babies, postpartum moms and pregnant women. But in their commitment to eco-friendly practices, do they live up to the needs of babies and mothers? Read our honest review here:

Baby-Friendly Bath Times

Even products marketed for infant use can be harsh on our babies’ ultra-sensitive skin. That is exactly why we loved this baby-friendly bubble bath, which creates a fun and foamy bath without any causing tears or dry skin.

We loved the sweet lavender scent, but for those with scent sensitivities, they also have an unscented option.

Helping Mothers Heal

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience unlike any other-- but we cannot ignore the long-term impact it has on our bodies. While a lot of popular brands focus on vague goals like “lifting” or “rejuvenating” skin, it was refreshing to see Anointment get real about what mothers go through.

They have products aimed at alleviating stretch marks, cracked nipples and hemorrhoids, among other common issues. While their belly butter is best used during pregnancy as a preventative measure, it does serve as an effective (and gloriously chocolate-scented) moisturizer during postpartum, too.

Handcrafted, All-Natural Soap

There is nothing more satisfying than an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting soap. Actually, yes there is. Om Shanti, Anointment’s best-known product is all of the above and more. It exfoliates the skin to reduce oil build-up, it smells fantastic, and it is zero waste, with no unneeded plastic packaging.

At $80 CAD, an Om Shanti log is not cheap, but it yields fourteen bars, meaning it’s an investment you can depend on for months to come.

Shipping and Shopping Information

Canadian shoppers can take advantage of a truly great deal: free shipping on orders over $40, with incredibly reasonable prices for faster shipping options.

Our Final Thoughts

Anointment is ultimately the real deal when it comes to sustainable skincare. They have all-natural products, a wide range of products, and most importantly, they work-- all without causing irritation or unnecessary pollution.

If you are ready to retire your ineffective, overpriced skin products for something softer and greener, Anointment is the best place to start. We have a wide range of their products in the shop!

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