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Baby Octopi Brand Review

Throughout our childhood, toys will come and go, but it tends to be the stuffed animals that hold the most special place in our hearts and memories. Our stuffies are often our first friends, and even if we have not kept them around in adulthood, we remember the many nights spent snuggled up next to them.

When it comes to our own little ones, we definitely want their stuffed companions to be timeless keepsakes for them to cherish forever. Obviously, we also want them to be super cute, and with a name like Baby Octopi, you know you are in the right place for that.

Baby Octopi toys are hand-woven stuffed toys that take the shape of, you guessed it, a small and adorable octopus. We wanted to know if the real toys lived up to our expectations, so we tried them out and shared our thoughts here:

Adorable Toys With An Inspiring Background

Baby Octopi might have been founded by a mother of three, but that does not mean her experience working with children ended there. Lisa, the founder and owner of Baby Octopi was inspired largely by her work in pregnancy support, child and youth care, and a year spent supporting hospitals and orphanages in Ukraine.

Baby Octopi is not only a way to spread joy and offer children a cuddly companion, but also to support the meaningful organizations that first inspired Lisa to start the company.

Unique, Handmade Stuffies For All Age

Baby Octopi is a great choice for any parent wanting to break away from traditional teddy bears. These adorable little octopi (which each come with their own cute name!) have a distinct, handmade look to them, and are made from non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials.

We also loved the fascinating octopi facts we have picked up-- including the fact that these underwater creatures have three hearts, meaning they have a whole lot of love to offer your family.

Teethers and Mini Friends

For the most part, Baby Octopi is a straightforward business, as all stuffed toys have the trademark octopus shape. However, there is some variety in terms of the size and types of products available.

Baby Octopi’s new teethers have the same hand-woven look while exploring some new designs (we loved the unicorn teether, and think it’s a great product for anyone looking for toys with a more feminine flair). Most stuffed toys also have a mini option for those concerned about the size or price of standard toys.

Our Final Thoughts

Stuffed animals are an essential part of any nursery, and we love the idea of buying hand-woven stuffies made by small businesses over any mass-produced toys sold by major retailers. Baby Octopi fits that bill to a tee, and we especially loved the fact that every purchase is not only giving our child a cute friend, but also supporting worthwhile philanthropic organizations.

If you are looking for stuffed animals and want to think outside the box, Baby Octopi is a cute, cuddly and unique choice.

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