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Bambi and Birdie Brand Review

As far as baby clothing brands go, you cannot get much cuter than the name Bambi and Birdie. When your company name invokes images of friendly woodland creatures, you know you have a responsibility to produce clothing in as sustainable a method as possible.

With a focus on soft and comfy sleepwear for kids, Bambi and Birdie definitely lives up to its nature-loving name with an organic, eco-conscious approach to fashion.

For information about the cozy sleepwear brand, here is our honest review:

About Bambi and Birdie

The Bambi and Birdie origin story is as sweet as their name suggests, with two Vancouver best friends deciding to go into business together to create a sleepwear line for children that is as sustainable as it is soft.

In a world of big-box retailers and online fast fashion outlets, it certainly feels nice to be able to support small business owners who are living out their dreams in an ethical fashion-- with their best friend by their side, no less.

Soft and Spectacular Sleepwear

The most important thing to understand about Bambi and Birdie is the fact that their collections are specialized. They are ultimately a sleepwear brand that focuses on cozy pyjamas, sleep sacks for newborns and similar accessories such as hats and boxers.

On the one hand, this might put off some customers who are looking to cross off most of their shopping list while scrolling through a single website. That being said, we always appreciate a specialized fashion brand, when they have a strong grasp of their niche and know how to do it right.

In our opinion, Bambi and Birdie certainly get sleepwear right, in both their adult and children collections. With soft and breathable material and adorable patterns created by an in-house graphic designer, the brand is perfect for anyone who loves being cozy and always has pyjamas at the top of their yearly Christmas wish list.

Bamboo For Bedtime

If you are new to sustainable fashion, you might be surprised to hear about a fashion company using bamboo. While the word might conjure up images of panda bears and wooden shoots that look, well, not ideal for sleeping, bamboo actually produces an ultra soft and comfortable fabric.

On top of this, bamboo is actually ideal for regulating temperatures. If you or your children ever find yourselves staying up at night shifting between feeling uncomfortably hot and too cold, your bedding or HVAC system might not be to blame.

Instead, many of us are going to bed wearing pyjamas made from cheap, synthetic materials that are not very breathable. In some cases, synthetic fabrics can also be bad for moisture wicking, meaning you might wake up to realize you have sweated through your sheets-- never a great way to start your day.

Bamboo solves both of these issues by creating breathable and naturally temperature-regulating garments that will allow you to sleep peacefully through the night in every season.

Bamboo is also an environmentally-friendly material, and is quite common among sustainable brands who are trying to steer away from materials that produce microplastics or require a heavy duty irrigation process. In many cases, bamboo does not require fertilizers, irrigations or harsh chemicals to grow.

With less water used, less carbon emissions produced, and less harsh chemicals being exposed to the ecosystem, bamboo would be a worthwhile alternative to other common fabrics even if it was not gloriously soft and breathable. Luckily, however, bamboo is a fantastic material all around, so we do not have to worry about making any compromises for the environment.

Cute and Kid-Friendly Designs

Let’s face it, not every kid is great at bedtime. With adorable jammies that reflect their own personal style and personalities, however, kids will have something to look forward to when it comes time to get ready for bed.

While their everyday inventory is cute in its own right, they are also continually dropping seasonal and limited edition collections that will add a unique flair to your wardrobe.

Adult Collections

There is an unfair but deep-rooted false assumption in fashion: that kids are the only ones who want cute pyjamas!

For adults, many options are either drab tee shirt and boxer short sets or boring flannel combinations in basic colours. Bambi and Birdie offer a full range of sleepwear items for adults, and these collections do not hold back on cute graphics like adorable bumblebees and fruits.

Our personal favourite item was this gorgeous strawberry robe for women that allowed us to feel gorgeous even during a Sunday night spent indoors watching Netflix.

Infant Essentials At An Affordable Price

Shoppers who are more concerned with sticking to a tight budget will be glad to know that low-cost essentials are available on Bambi and Birdie’s website. In fact, while their pyjama sets are a bit of a steeper investment, they have a number of gorgeous infant hats, boxers and headbands that are available for under twenty or even ten dollars.

Our personal favourite was this newborn hat, which, with its nautical colours and lovely seahorse design, made us excited for family beach days.

Buying Bambi and Birdie

If you would like to support a stockist that carries Bambi and Birdie, you can check out their list of locations, which includes a number of Canadian businesses, a single American shop in Maine, and a handful of online only retailers.

Of course, if you live rurally or shopping virtually is more your speed, you can always purchase items directly from their online store.

Our Final Thoughts

Sure, not everybody is as pyjama-obsessed as we are, but if bedtime is your favourite part of the day, you deserve high-quality sleepwear that makes an evening unwinding all the more special.

Whether you want to buy special holiday pyjamas for Christmas morning photos or cozy sleep sacks to help your newborn stay safe and warm throughout the night, Bambi and Birdie is certainly one of the best choices in terms of coziness, design and of course, ethical practices.

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