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Jax and Lennon Brand Review

When it comes to online shopping for the family, we are probably all used to this familiar sight: a computer screen with tabs open for a dozen different stores, each one specializing in a different age group, size or style of clothing.

On top of being annoying and time-consuming, tab-hopping will also lead to hefty shipping bills. Fortunately, there are online shops available with tasteful, high-quality collections for all ages.

Jax and Lennon is a Canadian-owned company that specializes in clothing for babies and young children, although they have a catalogue for adults as well. Along with the versatility of their inventory, Jax and Lennon can also boast about their commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion.

With organic and natural materials, local employees, and a number of charity partners, Jax and Lennon produce clothing that you do not have to feel guilty about buying. Here is some background information on the company, as well as our honest opinion about their eco-friendly collections:

About Jax and Lennon

Unlike most big-box retail chains, Jax and Lennon’s origin story is about humble beginnings and community support. After the birth of her first child, Jax and Lennon’s founder Kelsie Power began making clothing for herself and her friends, before the demand led to her opening her own small business.

Supporting a local Canadian business is, in its own right, reason enough to feel good about shopping at Jax and Lennon, but the company’s sustainability-oriented mindset is admirable as well. Jersey and terry materials are the most common fabrics used in Jax and Lennon clothing, and both use organic cotton and rayon from bamboo.

These all-natural materials, along with low-impact, water-based dyes, ensure that investing in a new wardrobe does not mean wreaking havoc on the environment.

Durable and Hand-Me-Down Ready

Ultimately, Jax and Lennon aim to not only produce sustainable fashion, but also slow fashion. Slow fashion refers to clothing items that are built to be durable and reliable, to prevent garments from being discarded and ending up in landfills.

Jax and Lennon advertise that their clothing is made to be “played in, to be dirtied, and then to be passed on”, and our experience matched this description. Their terry joggers, for example, managed to be sturdy without being uncomfortably stiff, and survived multiple play dates and spin cycles without any signs of wear and tear.

While Jax and Lennon is a little pricier than many fast fashion outlets (with many outfits being between $30 and $50 CAD), the longevity of these garments means you can get more wear out of less clothing-- saving money in the long run.

Basics Are Better

A pillar of slow fashion is the idea that our obsession with the latest trends is unhealthy and ultimately unsustainable. While cheap, poorly made clothing is one reason why we go through garments so quickly, another is the social pressure we feel to constantly replace our wardrobe with new and attention-grabbing styles.

Jax and Lennon’s designs, on the other hand, challenge us to return to simplicity. Their collections prominently feature pastel shades and staple colours such as blue, black, and brown. This ensures that no matter how often these clothes are passed down, Jax and Lennon outfits will not clash with any trends.

Designs that you can wear any day of any year is as important a factor in sustainable fashion as using organic materials is, and in that sense, Jax and Lennon gets this right.

Charity Partners

Loyal communities are ultimately the reason why small businesses grow and thrive, and Jax and Lennon seem to be committed to giving back to these communities. The company has partnered with a few charities and local organizations, such as the BC Women’s Health Foundation.

They have also donated some of their products to community members in need, such as blankets and hats to Christmas in the NICU, an organization helping newborn infants in intensive care and their families, and over 3,000 fabric masks to frontline workers and small businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clothing For All Ages

Along with collections for babies and children, Jax and Lennon offers a smaller capsule collection for adult men and women.

If splitting up your clothing shopping among multiple stores is a stressful ask for you, take comfort in knowing that you can add crewnecks, tank tops, office-friendly skirts and more to your cart, saving you a second shopping trio, virtual or otherwise.

Made in Canada

Jax and Lennon is of course a company founded in Canada, but the business has gone the extra mile to ensure it maintains its local roots by also manufacturing in Canada. BIG PROPS!

The company’s warehouse and manufacturing plant are both located in Canada and employed by Canadians, ensuring that local families are benefitting from Jax and Lennon’s success as much as they are. Additionally, given the fact that Canada enjoys stricter labour laws and higher wages than many areas in the Global South, you can be assured that Jax and Lennon clothes are produced under more ethical conditions than many major fast fashion brands.

Many Ways To Shop

Shoppers in the Vancouver area can enjoy curbside pick-up at Jax and Lennon’s Surrey location, and those passionate about in-store shopping can find a location carrying their collections across Canada and in a handful of American stores.

Of course, those without a nearby retail outlet carrying their inventory can shop online.

Our Final Thoughts

Online shopping (and in-person shopping to a certain extent) can lead to disappointment and poorly made, easily worn-through clothing items that do not make the cheaper prices worth it.

Jax and Lennon, on the other hand, is a reliable, sustainable business that puts longevity and durability first. While their items might be a steeper investment than what’s available at many big-box retailers and online shops, you can rest assured that these items will enjoy a long life, and will without a doubt be in great condition for relatives or secondhand stores by the time they are outgrown by your family.

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