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Lemon Butter Babies Brand Review

In our ‘fast fashion’ saturated world, clothing can feel like candy: something cheap and flashy to treat yourself with, but is ultimately gone almost as soon as you buy it.

Lemon Butter Babies is a clothing line for kids and babies that challenges this notion. Instead of viewing fashion as something we should frequently buy and replace with passing trends, Lemon Butter Babies strives to create memorable heirlooms that can be worn for years and then passed down to siblings, cousins or thrift stores.

Of course, clothing brands that break away from the ‘fast fashion’ mould can rarely charge prices that compete with these retailers. So, before making the investment for your own family, we tried out Lemon Butter Babies’ clothing and shared our thoughts in this honest review:

Outfits As Heirlooms

The Lemon Butter Babies concept flies in the face of fast fashion conventions. Many companies will intentionally shorten the lifespan of their garments, either by making them easily worn through or by reinforcing the idea of momentary fads that leave clothing “out of style” as quickly as they become popular.

In terms of both style and sturdiness, Lemon Butter Babies strives to keep clothing out of landfills. Their clothes are incredibly well-made with thick material and strong seams, meaning even high-energy children will be able to wear them until they are outgrown. With a timeless, retro-feel to the designs, you can also curb the temptation to replace these outfits with the latest trend.

Retro Styles

Despite embracing modern values of environmentalism, Lemon Butter Babies is proudly inspired by 1950s fashion trends. With designs like this gorgeous blouse or this elegant kimono jacket, your little one will look like they are headed from Montessori school to Fashion Week.

Our biggest issue with the brand is actually how lovely and fashion-forward these garments are. They are certainly an appropriate choice for children who already show a love of fashion, but will not the best choice for kids on the go who are constantly coming home with grass stains and skinned knees.

Although these clothes are well-made enough that they can withstand the high-energy lifestyle of children, your little ones might simply feel out of place on the playground. That being said, their collection remains an excellent choice for formal outings like Sunday school or family gatherings, and their ‘coming soon’ items seem to be better suited for everyday wear.

Ideal For Green Thumbs, Not Shopaholics

Currently, the Lemon Butter Babies collection is small and focused on creating a ‘capsule’ wardrobe of quality essential items that can be incorporated into many different outfits.

If you (or your child) loves to shop for hours on end, you might find yourself disappointed with Lemon Butter Babies’ current inventory. However, it is important to note that the collection is in the process of growing, and we are excited to see where the company is headed next.

Our Final Thoughts

Lemon Butter Babies might not be the ideal option for children who live and breathe recess shenanigans, but we are confident that any kid who has already taken an interest in fashion will treasure these beautiful items for years to come.

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