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Little and Lively Brand Review

If you are interested in green fashion, you probably already know that there is an abundance of brands out there that advertise organic materials, sustainable practices, and low carbon emissions.

However, a lot of these clothing brands are oriented towards adults. Even if these brands do offer children’s collections, frankly, many designers do not consider the needs of children.

Sure, adults can keep a pantsuit in their closet for years when the most strenuous activity they incorporate into their day is taking the office stairs instead of the elevator. Kids, on the other hand, are always on the go.

A healthy childhood will include lots of playdates, a little bit of roughhousing, and whole lots of messes. Unfortunately, children’s clothing is not always built to live up to the task.

Little and Lively is a Canadian-based, ethically focused clothing brand that wants to change this reality. Designed to be durable enough for any playground or after school soccer match, their clothing aims to meet the needs of real families without having a devastating impact on the environment.

If you are looking for children’s clothes that can actually keep up with our high energy family, check out our review of Little and Lively and their proudly Canadian collection:

Versatile Inventory

There are some stores where you know you can only find niche collections or staple items, and some stores that offer a diverse selection but only for one group. With Little and Lively, you can rest assured knowing the whole family will be covered with a healthy mix of both adult and children’s items available.

We also admire the brand’s commitment to carrying versatile designs. There are lots of bold patterns and bright colours in their inventory, allowing kids to let their unique personalities shine through.

Additionally, the brand is diverse in terms of pricing. As with many sustainable fashion brands, some items can be a more considerable investment costing upwards of the $50 CAD mark, but their sale section is a godsend, with an admirably extensive selection. Nothing beats a gorgeous dress for daily wear that comes in under $30 CAD.

Special Collections With A Rustic Flair

Little and Lively is certainly not made with couch potato families in mind. Instead, their designs reflect active, eco-conscious values, and their family cabin collection is a great example of this. With sizes available for the whole family, you can make your next cottage getaway weekend more stylish than ever.

As enthusiastic Christmas lovers, we also cannot help but admire their super cute holiday collection that will make tree decorating and gift exchanges all the more memorable this year.

A Commitment To Transparency

It is easy for a brand to slap a label on their clothing that declares it ethically sourced or sustainably made. It is a whole different level of accountability to have a detailed website page about transparency.

While Little and Lively clothing is proudly made in Canada, many materials used in ethical fashion cannot be grown in our colder, harsher climate. For this reason, many brands have to source their materials from warmer countries, and in this case, this means a factory based in China.

Although a lot of brands try to hide their connections to developing or newly industrialized nations given the fashion industry’s poor track record on sweatshops and even child labour, Little and Lively is completely transparent about the work standards of their Chinese suppliers.

To ensure a completely unbiased assessment of the factory, Little and Lively hires a third party auditor, who has determined that the factory meets high ethical standards in terms of safety, pay, hours, and hiring adult workers only.

As the clothes are sewn in Canada, all employees enjoy staunch labour standards and higher pay than what is often available in the Global South.

Ethical and Eco-Friendly

Fortunately, Little and Lively clothes are made through the efforts of workers who are fairly and ethically treated, both overseas and at home.

But the good karma does not end there. By opting to use a mix of sustainable materials such as cotton, soy and bamboo, Little and Lively ensures that their clothing requires less carbon emissions, water irrigation and microplastic production than similar products you might find at a department store.

Additionally, given the very durable nature of their jersey fabric, you can shop confident that these clothes will not end up in a landfill due to being fragile and poorly made.

Charity Partners

It is always heartwarming to find out a company is committed to sustainability, but it also important to support humanitarian causes as well. Through their charity partners, Little and Lively hopes to do just that.

Little and Lively’s community partners include Young Families, an organization that provides resources for young parents and their little ones. Additionally, the brand empowers young women around the globe through a partnership with Plan Canada’s Because I Am A Girl campaign, promoting the education and equality of young women and girls.

Find Their Clothing

While shopping online was the easiest option for us to buy Little and Lively designs, we totally understand if you are missing the comfort and excitement of in-person shopping.

For this reason, you can check out their The Kindred Clothing Co. boutique, find a stockist near you carrying their collections here, or even make a request to see your favourite local boutiques carrying their sustainable fashion inventory.

Our Final Thoughts

Little and Lively is, through and through, a family focused business. From their designs which put fun at the forefront, to their versatile selections of clothes for all ages, to the durable nature of their bamboo-cotton blend materials, this brand is committed to meeting the needs of the modern family.

Of course, they also understand that social and environmental issues are incredibly important to families in the 21st century, and as a result, they have a commitment to transparency and ethical practices that are close to unparalleled in the fashion industry.

If you want clothing that makes you and your children look great and feel great, this Abbotsford company is a truly spectacular choice.

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