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LOLO et Moi Brand Review

These days, they sell skincare products for everything. No matter your age, skin type or lifestyle, you can find a thousand products that are tailor-made to your unique circumstances.

So it makes no sense that babies, who have very sensitive skin, are often left behind by major skincare brands. In all honesty, one core reason behind this could be the fact that many skincare products are actually quite harsh on your skin, making them a bad choice for our vulnerable little ones.

Lolo et Moi is a skincare line that seeks to change this reality by creating a line of products that are made just for babies, without any of the harmful parabens, chemicals or artificial colours we can find on any drugstore shelf.

It goes without saying that we have to be careful about what we put on our babies’ faces and bodies, so we wanted to make sure Lolo et Moi was the real deal. We tried out some of their most popular products, and you can find more about our experience in the review below:

Made in Quebec, Quality Guaranteed

Lolo et Moi is a Canadian, Quebec-based company dedicated to only using natural, non-harmful ingredients. By using all-natural solutions like aloe vera, avocado oil and comfrey extract, Lolo et Moi is not only protecting children’s skin, but avoiding the use of microbeads and chemicals that damage the environment.

A Unique Secret Ingredient

Okay, so this is not exactly a huge secret: one of the most common ingredients in Lolo products is olive oil.

Yes, the very same product you can find in your kitchen. Not only is olive oil a healthy, nutritious product for cooking, it also has properties that make it a stellar moisturizer that is safe for young, sensitive skin.

Their olive oil hair and body wash kit made for a tear-free bath experience that we would recommend to all parents who have difficulty finding products that are gentle enough for finicky babies.

Making Bath Time More Fun

Bath time with babies and children is rarely a relaxing experience, especially if your little ones are the kind who prefer to stay dry and dirty (we have all been there).

Lol et Moi might make things easier with their wide range of bath products, including this kid-friendly bubble bath or our personal favourites, their olive oil bath bombs. Your kids will have fun watching the bombs fizz out into a fun, colourful bath, and then relax thanks to the Epsom salts and aromatherapy.

Shopping Information

Along with visiting their online store, you can find stores across Canada carrying their products. MAB Organics is one of them :)

Our Final Thoughts

Our children also deserve great products for their skin, hair and bodies. While it might be hard to find great products that are also environmentally-conscious in a drugstore, Lolo et Moi is a great option for any family, especially ones battling dry or sensitive skin.

The next time your child tries to run away when they hear the tub running, we suggest bringing out these olive oil products-- you would be surprised how effective they can be in getting kids to look forward to bath time.

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