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Mini Mioche Brand Review

As parents, we all want to make a good impression on our little ones. We want to teach them to respect our elders, to look both ways before crossing the street, and to act upon our values in our everyday lives.

But it can be hard for children to listen to us while we offer them life lessons, while watching us not follow through with our actions. For example, a lot of children in today’s age are taught not to litter and to respect the environment, but also watch us constantly produce needless trash that only ends up in landfills.

When it comes to clothing, things are not much different. Children are naturally attentive, and see us going for the cheaper, lower-quality clothing items that will end up torn and discarded by next season.

If you want your children to rethink their relationship with clothing and the environment, consider a sustainable and ethical fashion brand like Mini Mioche.

This Toronto-based company is helping Canadians (and international shoppers!) embrace slow fashion, and in our honest review, will go through the company’s background, commitment to sustainability, and of course, our opinions on their clothing.

Mini Mioche, Made in Canada

This Toronto-based company proudly manufactures their clothes right here on home soil, meaning your clothes will be sewn by families from your own community. It also means that you do not have to worry about a lack of transparency when it comes to pay and labour standards for garment workers.

Back To Basics

If you want an extensive wardrobe that allows your kids to show up to daycare in flashy new outfits every single day, Mini Mioche is not the right place for you. If, however, you want your children to learn that taking care of basic staple items that can be worn again and again is key to sustainable living, Mini Mioche has no shortage of tasteful options (our favourite collection was the knit collection, which was soft, comfy and well-prepared for intense winters in Canada).

Ultimately, buying sustainable clothing only to replace them every season because they are ‘out of style’ or have not been properly cared for is not an environmentally sound practice. By teaching your children to care for a capsule wardrobe, you are instilling habits that will help them break the cycle of fast fashion when they grow older.

Organic and Low-Impact

At Mini Mioche, sustainability is far more than a branding slogan. After learning more about the company’s deep-rooted commitment to environmentally-friendly practices, we are confident that Mini Mioche is a genuinely formidable option for any family that values the environment.

Here are some of the ways that the company reduces their ecological footprint:

  1. By creating durable and timeless staple items, they promote ‘slow fashion’ or the practice of keeping clothes for longer and reducing excessive buying

  2. They use organic materials and low-impact dyes to lower carbon emissions and prevent toxic chemicals from leaking into the ecosystem

  3. They do not use any plastic packaging, a huge issue in the era of online shopping

  4. In fact, they use compostable mailers in all shipping orders

Embracing Gender Neutrality

Along with our views on the environment, our perspective on gender roles and stereotypes has shifted a lot in the 21st century. A lot of parents are concerned about letting their children develop their own sense of identity, and including those who might feel marginalized and left behind.

We are completely here for that, and so is Mini Mioche. In terms of sizing and branding, all Mini Mioche products are gender neutral. This does not mean that you cannot find styles typically associated with one gender or the other, such as dresses, but it does mean that all children are welcome to choose the clothes that speak to them, without labelling it as “girl clothes” or “boy clothes”.

Celebrating Diversitee

This special initiative is a fresh, unique take on fundraising and promoting diversity and inclusion.

The Diversitee collection is designed by a number of Canadian guest artists, the first of which being Brockville native Ellie Theodosiou. Her designs all tackle the theme of accepting ourselves and others for who we are, and 10% of sales will go towards a charity of Ellie’s choice, Youth Mental Health Canada.

If youth mental health is a cause your family is passionate about, or if you simply want your children to wear conversation starting pieces that might lead to positive change, this initiative is truly a wonderful idea.

Charity Partners

Along with their Diversitee collection, Mini Mioche boasts a full roster of affiliated charities that focus on a number of social causes, including The Teresa Group, The New Moms Project, LGBT Youthline, and Black Health Alliance.

In-Store Upcycling

Buying clothes from sustainable brands is an important component of doing our part, but so is keeping used clothing from ending up in a landfill. If you do not have any relatives or friends who could benefit from some hand-me-downs, consider donating gently used clothes to Mini Mioche’s in-store upcycling program. After all, nothing is more annoying than a bag of clothes that you’ve forgotten to take the thrift store for months upon months.

In return for your generosity, you can receive exclusive discounts, making it a win-win for you and the planet.


Fashion is far from the only industry that has transitioned to more sustainable practices in recent years. Nowadays, more all-natural and cruelty-free skincare and beauty products are available on the market than ever before.

Mini Mioche carries numerous staple skincare products that address common issues that you and your family might run into (such as sun protection and reducing the appearance of post-pregnancy stretch marks).

On top of offering soft and glowing skin, these all-natural vegan products can help you develop a healthy self-care routine.

Our Final Thoughts

Change does not always have to happen slowly. With more consumers than ever before embracing ‘slow fashion’, all-natural products, and local businesses over major retailers, the fashion industry is truly shifting for the better, and Mini Mioche is at the forefront of this evolution.

If you believe that setting a good example for your children means buying an eco-friendly capsule wardrobe that is both practical and stylish, we would definitely recommend Mini Mioche.

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