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North Kinder Brand Review

Canadians have a reputation for being kind, and we have earned this rep for a reason.

Overall, we care a lot about our neighbours and we want to see them thrive. We also get to claim some of the world’s most beautiful natural sights, and we know that we need to conserve these gorgeous ecosystems so that future generations can enjoy them as well.

So it should be no surprise that our country is home to some seriously impressive sustainable businesses. In particular, the fashion industry has embraced organic and eco-friendly designs, which is definitely the case for North Kinder, a Vancouver-based apparel company.

Between charity partnerships, sustainable, ethically-sourced fabrics and a local manufacturing process, this British Columbia company seems like the ideal brand for any eco-friendly-- but when it comes down to it, could the company possibly live up to the hype?

In our comprehensive review we will go through our favourite aspects of North Kinder’s brand and products, as well as our general experience shopping from this family-run company.

Ethical Clothing, Locally Made

One idea we need to drop is that we have to sacrifice comfort in order to live in an environmentally responsible way. In reality, this could not be further from the truth.

Synthetic fabrics tend to be the worst for the environment, and are also responsible for a lot of common comfort issues in fashion (think moisture-trapping tee shirts or itchy materials). Additionally, even natural materials can cause irritation if they can be traced back to farms that use toxic chemicals.

North Kinder understands this and, in response, uses an all-natural blend of bamboo and cotton to make their clothing. These fabrics come from a Canadian distributor and have been certified by OEKO-TEX a leading independent organization that assesses textile companies for their human and ecological impacts.

Additionally, North Kinder chooses to manufacture their clothing right here in Canada, so we know they were made with strict environmental and labour standards in mind.

Overall, we found their clothing to be entirely soft and great for temperature regulation (no annoying sweat stains at work!), while still being strong enough that we do not need to worry about our kids wearing through them during recess. Ultimately, North Kinder is a walking example of how making ethical choices does not mean sacrificing the quality of longevity of clothes.

Social Outreach

Something we were immediately attracted to when we started exploring North Kinder was the obvious sense of online community that the brand offers.

While some brands market themselves as too elusive or exclusive for any sort of real public outreach, North Kinder is all about creating a welcoming environment on their social media platforms and on their website.

Their social outreach includes a YouTube channel and podcast, along with a blog on their website and a social media presence on the popular platforms Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Having a tight-knit parenting community is important, especially if you feel alone in your journey to go green and set a healthy and sustainable example for your family. Through various North Kinder posts, you can find parenting advice, style tips, handy gift guides and even reflections on life during lockdown.

It definitely helped us feel familiar with the company and the people behind it in a way we seldom get to enjoy with other businesses.

Perfectly On Trend

In the spirit of ‘slow fashion’, a lot of sustainable brands make basic staple items in non-offensive shades, which is great-- but sometimes you still want to feel like you are on top of the latest trends.

North Kinder’s designs are definitely considering popular trends in the fashion industry, and, while their business practices are completely different, they do have the look of many fast-fashion outlets that are booming in popularity right now.

If you have a little one who cannot help but want to dress like a tiny adult, North Kinder definitely has the right designs. Items like this cute knotted tee is totally appropriate for a child on the playground, but has a grown-up flair that your fashion-forward daughter will love.

Built For The Outdoors

The company name does not lie. North Kinder is a Northern company, and is built for the lives of Northern families.

This means children can and will be hiking, roughhousing or heading to hockey practice in their North Kinder clothes. Fortunately, their collections, including this ultra comfy velour sweatshirt (available for both girls and boys) are sturdy and layered.

When poorly made clothes and an active childhood collide, the end result is often a wardrobe ending up in a landfill, and a carbon footprint that grows larger with each play date. After allowing our kids to do, well, the things kids tend to do in North Kinder clothes, we are confident that their collections are suitable for even the most outdoorsy families.

NK Loves People

If giving back is an important priority for your family, consider supporting the NK Loves People collection, a line that gives back 10% of all proceeds to local charity partners.

Shop North Kinder

Canadian and American shoppers are in luck, as North Kinder is able to ship to both countries. Edmonton locals can also save money on shipping by taking advantage of local pick-up. If you are a traditionalist and in-person shopping is more your speed, you can always check out their list of partnered stockists across Canada (they are also available online at Chapters).

Our Final Thoughts

Sustainable choices do not have to mean making huge sacrifices. With a great eco-friendly brand, you can enjoy the designs that speak to you, the prices that work for you, and preserve the planet that you and your family call home.

After trying out their designs and giving their social platforms a try, we are confident that North Kinder is one of these brands. If your transition to a greener lifestyle has been a bit of a challenge, North Kinder can certainly make the shift easier and more stylish than ever.

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