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Pika Layers Brand Review

Moms really are superheroes.

Somehow, we got through childhood without ever appreciating the sacrifices and hard work that went into our every meal, our every play date, our every outfit. Moms have proven over and over again that they can not only do anything, but they can make it look easy.

So it should be no surprise that so many of the companies that are leading positive change in the fashion industry are not only heralded by women entrepreneurs but by mothers.

Pika Layers, a Canadian sustainable fashion brand, is no exception to this rule. Led by three women and their young families, this company produces breathable, comfortable designs for children and infants.

The best part?

They are committed to sustainable practices that minimize the environmental impact of fashion. In our comprehensive review, we will answer all of your burning questions about the brand from fabric to pricing to durability:

Breathable, Eco-Friendly Fabric

Pika Layers use OEKO-TEX certified bamboo-based fabric, which essentially means that they have been independently assessed for sustainable and ethical practices. Of course, this is a victory for the planet, but it also offers a boon to consumers.

Bamboo is a naturally moisture-wicking and antimicrobial material, meaning your children will feel comfortable, even when they are under layers of snow pants and heavy winter jackets. The fabric’s antimicrobial qualities can also help prevent common seasonal illnesses that children are particularly vulnerable to, which is more important now than ever.

Finally, OEKO-TEX approved materials mean that these clothes were produced without harmful and harsh chemicals that are not only polluting the planet, but are also causing irritation on the sensitive skin of young children.

Getting What You Paid For

We have to keep it real with you: embracing sustainable fashion means giving up the comfort and luxury of buying dirt cheap clothing whenever and wherever you want.

Gone are the days of sifting through discount racks to find $3 tee shirts or placing a dozen items in your “wishlist” cart at your favourite fast-fashion e-commerce site only to find out your order total is less than a hundred dollars.

As with most sustainable brands, we cannot promise you that Pika Layers will offer you cheaper prices than your local department store catalogue. After all, a pyjama set for about $50 CAD, while reasonable, is steep in comparison with retailers who have made millions from cheaply made, cheaply sold fashion.

But we can promise that you will be getting what you pay for with Pika Layers. In fact, their prices are very affordable when compared to many other sustainable fashion brands, that charge upwards of $100 for full outfits.

That pyjama set, while a bit of a splurge in fast-fashion terms, is of great quality and will last longer than your child will fit into it (at which point, it will be a perfect hand-me-down for little siblings, schoolyard friends or expectant family members).

Additionally, the brand does offer a “last call” section, which allows you to save money by scooping up items from collections that are soon to be retired.

Looking Cute For Christmas

There is perhaps nothing more special to a child than the night before Christmas. Sure, they might be excited at the idea of staying up late enough to catch Santa Claus in the act, but they will also be ecstatic to cuddle up by the fireplace in a pair of adorable and uber cozy jammies.

Pika Layers’ holiday collection was our favourite on their website, especially the rustic plaid onesies. While they are made for the winter holiday season, we can promise that these cottage-inspired designs will look super cute all year round.

Fit For (All) Canadian Weather

If you are going green, the chances are pretty high you are already a nature lover, which means you are likely always shopping for camping trips, summer beach days and winter spent at the slopes.

We can assure you that Pika Layers is genuinely dedicated to creating clothes that match the harsh Canadian elements. With temperature regulating properties, Pika’s bamboo blend clothing can help keep your babies warm and snuggly whether your family is enjoying a winter day in the great outdoors, or staying comfy indoors with a mug of hot cocoa.

Of course, every true Canadian knows that cold winters are not the only concerns we face.

During snowy winters and humid summers, the sun’s rays create a health hazard for outdoorsy Canadians, especially children, who have sensitive skin. That’s why Pika Layers have a collection that have sun protection built into their clothing. Sunny day adventures have never been safer.

It also goes without saying that the outdoors currently present a very different threat than what we are used to. Specifically, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we are at risk of community transmission if we do not follow the proper public health protocols, including social distancing and mask wearing.

In this sense, Pika Layers is helping protect our families by offering sensitive skin-friendly face masks for children and adults. Additionally, the company donated over 2000 cloth masks to frontline workers in hospitals, schools and daycares over the course of the pandemic, meaning you can feel extra proud of your purchase.

Our Final Thoughts

Ultimately, children will soon outgrow the outfits we purchase for them, as much as their parents (and their parents’ wallets) wish they could stay small forever. That being said, choosing sustainable brands can help instill values that your young ones will never outgrow.

When we first found out about Pika Layers, we were promised soft and comfortable clothing that our kids will actually want to wear, without a detrimental human or environmental impact. After trying their products ourselves, we are confident that the brand lives up to its promise.

With Pika Layers, even the hardest child to dress will find something that they love to snuggle up in, while you can feel good about living more ethically, and leaving the right example for your kids.

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