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Só Luxury Brand Review

Most mothers would probably agree that “luxury” and “pregnancy” do not belong in the same sentence-- but one women-led business is seeking to change this notion.

Só Luxury is a British Columbia-based company that sells a diverse range of products including skincare, candles and their trademark soaks. While their products can be beneficial to anyone, no one in the world could use a relaxing, rejuvenating bath as much as a mother.

For this reason, we have tried out some of Só Luxury’s signature products, and shared our opinions in this honest review designed for expectant and new mothers:

Soaking In Style

Some of Só Luxury’s signature products include their salts and ‘sóaks’, two bath products which promise to relieve physical and emotional stress while creating a bath that looks and smells great.

In a market saturated with all sorts of bath products-- bombs, salts, foams-- we definitely felt that Só Luxury’s soaks stood out from the competition. Using the cocoa oat milk bath the brand is known for along with aesthetic Himalayan pink salts and therapeutic Epsom salts, the Blush Sóak was our personal favourite.

Gentle Formula, Giant Impact

Given their amazing bath products, it is clear that Só Luxury is a brand that’s perfect for self-indulegences-- and we also loved the fact that it had products gentle enough for the sensitive skin of our babies.

You can save the money you spend on buying two separate soaps for yourself and your little ones with Só Luxury’s Lather Gentle Cleansing Bar. Made from natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut milk and cocoa butter, this soap was a real treat for our skin, and served as a soft, non-irritating baby-friendly soap as well.

Supporting Local Families

Created and ran by two best friends, Só Luxury is committed to giving back to its community in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Specifically, they aim to welcome new families into the Down Syndrome community through Baskets of Love.

Baskets of Love offer newborns with Down Syndrome and their parents curated gift baskets, along with information about resources. Supporting Canadian businesses feels great regardless, but knowing that our purhcases is helping support families makes us genuinely proud to support Só Luxury.

Shipping and Stockist Information

Só Luxury have a number of stockists across Canada, and information about online shopping, including shipping and return policies, can be found here. We also carry their signature products here at MAB Organics.

Our Final Thoughts

It might not be a diamond necklace or bottle of upscale champagne, but a revitalizing bath is in its own right, a little luxury. If you are looking for a way to unwind, ease some of the physical stress your body is under, or just enjoy some aromatherapy, we loved what Só Luxury had to offer. Not only did we notice softer skin almost immediately, but we also found a great way to relax without worrying about the impacts on our skin or our planet.

With a commitment to natural ingredients and local philanthropy, Só Luxury is the perfect brand for any mom wanting a guilt-free, indulgent treat. After all, you deserve it.

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