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Sapling Child Brand Review

If there is one thing every parent can agree upon, it is the fact that our babies deserve a better and brighter future.

Of course, there are many factors that are unfortunately out of our control when it comes to leaving a healthier, safer planet for our loved ones. However, this only makes it more important for us to make better choices whenever we do have it in our power.

For example, we can choose where we spend our money and what we spend it on, and we have a responsibility to use this power wisely. Investing in products that are organic, eco-friendly and long-lasting can help us lower our carbon emissions and reduce landfill waste. On top of this, eco-conscious shopping sets a positive example that our children will continue to model for years to come.

In a world admittedly saturated by brands marketing themselves as organic and environmentally-friendly, Sapling Child is a company that stands out. With a unique and inspiring origin story and a collection of patterns that break away from the simple and earthy hues of most organic clothing, Sapling Child is a baby-centric alternative to the fast fashion brands that churn out cheap and often unethically made outfits.

Here is our honest review of the brand:

Born Down Under, Made Up North

While the company was born in Australia, it now fully operates in Canada. Focused specifically on infant wear, Sapling Child makes clothing out of 100% organic cotton and non-toxic dyes.

An Inspiring Origin Story

Many small business owners cite their children as inspiration for following their dreams, but few have a story quite as powerful as Charlie and Peta, the founders of Sapling Child.

Their business began in 2011, following a difficult period in which their third baby was battling meningitis. While he fortunately recovered, he was left very vulnerable and sensitive. Charlie and Peta knew they had to be careful to keep their children away from products that could be harmful to any of their kids.

This inspired them to create clothing that would not just protect the planet, but also protect the sensitive skin of babies from harsh chemicals, dyes and pesticides found in most fast-fashion retailers.

Tailor-Made For Babies

While many eco-fashion companies will have collections for every age group, Sapling Child is focused on the most precious and vulnerable demographic: babies. Although they have quite a large collection of rompers, outfits and accessories for babies, they do not even have items available for children or most toddlers.

If you are the kind of online shopper looking for a one-stop option for the entire family, Sapling Child might not be the right company for you. However, we did find that there were benefits to a baby-oriented clothing brand.

Many slow fashion outlets will treat infant wear as an afterthought, leaving shoppers with just a few onesies to choose from. Sapling Child, on the other hand, has everything from essentials to special seasonal outfits.

Sapling Child’s dedication to babies also means that the clothes truly are tailored to the needs of our little ones. The fabric is incredibly soft without any itching or stiffness, and all outfits have been double-stitched for added sturdiness. Overall, we can concede that having multiple tabs open while online shopping is worth it if it means our babies will be getting the best there is.

Additionally, while you might not find a back-to-school outfit for your kindergartener at Sapling Child, you can still find a number of lovely bedtime books that are suitable for early readers.

Earthy Without Being Earth-Toned

If Sapling Child is not your first experience with green fashion, you have probably already skimmed through brands offering organic clothes all in earthy, casual tones. While these hues fit in well with the eco-friendly approach of fast fashion, it can definitely limit the options available to your growing fashionista.

If you are looking for a little more flair than a subtle green jumper, Sapling Child has the collection for you and your little ones. Sapling Child’s adorable original patterns are a lot closer to what you could expect in department stores than slow fashion outlets, with flowers and berries being common sights among the collections.

If you want to embrace ethical fashion while still ensuring your baby dresses like, well, a baby, Sapling Child is the brand for you.

Shipping and Shopping Options

While Sapling Child offers some great shipping deals for Canadians (free delivery on orders over $99), international shoppers are in luck as well.

In many cases, local fashion brands, organic or otherwise will have a handful of stockists in the company’s immediate area, with a few more scattered across the country. It is rare for slow fashion brands to be carried internationally, especially as widely as Sapling Child is.

Through their comprehensive store locator, you can skim through their dozens of stockists across multiple continents. While they definitely have a strong presence in North America and Australia, they can also be found across the globe from Ireland to Saudi Arabia to Taiwan.

No matter where in the world you are, you can find a nearby store or save yourself a trip by ordering online.

Our Final Thoughts

Shopping for our babies is no easy task. While we never want to sacrifice style, longevity and comfort, we also want to teach our children to live their values and make ethical choices.

Spaling Child is one of the few brands out there that will not make you choose between any of these things. With sturdy, well-stitched designs and organic materials, you can rest easy knowing your baby’s clothing can accommodate their sensitive skin and quickly growing bodies. Meanwhile, their super cute patterns and 100% organic cotton will ensure that your baby’s wardrobe will be both fashion-forward and eco-friendly.

While the fact Sapling Child’s inventory is limited to infant wear might be inconvenient for large families, we certainly think the brand’s many strengths outweigh this fact, and we would happily buy from them again.

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