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Tiny Empire Brand Review

Sustainable fashion has become so popular recently, we can often forget about other areas where our shopping habits matter.

Buying eco-friendly clothing for ourselves and our children is undeniably important, but we should forget about the carbon footprint created by the other items we purchase for our families, including toys. We might not go through toys at the same fast pace we do with clothing, but many toys are made with excessive amounts of plastic and harmful dyes and chemicals.

If you want your child’s toys to reflect happy memories more than heavy plastic use, consider buying sustainable toys and teethers from brands like Tiny Empire. Produced in Canada, their collection is predominantly made from wood and without the toxic chemicals you might find in a big-box retailer.

We tried a few of their handmade wooden toys as well as their pacifier clips and compiled our thoughts below:

Tiny Toys, Big Impact

While most toys on the market are made from plastics, we loved the fact that Tiny Empire uses Canadian wood. On the one hand, this created a rustic, ‘cottagecore’ appeal that fits in well with the company’s Canadian roots. On the other, it means the toys are biodegradable and made without substances that are bad for our babies and our planet. It’s a win-win.

Even though the company primarily depends on wood, Tiny Empire does use a small amount of silicone on some of their products. We do appreciate the level of transparency the company offers when it comes to their silicone suppliers.

My favourite product from Tiny Empire has to be their new Star and Moon Affirmation Kits. These kits are meant for all ages and it "encourages balance, play, love and kindness - all things we need more of right now".

The Affirmation Stars have 14 words in total ( they are double sided) - Creative, Caring, Kind, Strong, Grateful, Blessed, Enough, Helpful, Brave, Powerful, Loved, Brilliant, Protected, Thoughtful. The self love and self empowerment messages are so important for our little and I'm so happy that this toy was created.

Personalized Options

All of their teethers were adorable in our opinion, but some people may prefer personalized options.

You can get teethers, wristlets and pacifier clips personalized with your baby’s name or a short, hopeful message. The alphabet beading reminds us of friendship bracelets from our childhood camp days, and the nostalgia factor was definitely one big reason why we loved these products.

Stockists and Shipping

Especially in the age of COVID-19, e-commerce is definitely the easiest and safest way to shop, and Tiny Empire makes it easier by offering free tracked shipping for orders over $100.

When you receive your package, you'll notice that Tiny Empire uses compostable and reusable packaging made from plants and non toxic, compostable resin which just shows how committed they are to their mission and values.

If in-person shopping is more your style, you can find their products at a few Ontario stockists, or, when public health allows it, at various pop-up events and markets, which you can keep track of here.

Our Final Thoughts

Nothing says Canadian quite like a maple rattle. Ultimately, Tiny Empire toys are far from flashy, but they do have a timeless, rustic appeal that is hard to resist and they are a company that stands by their values.

Although these toys are a great option for local and international shoppers alike, we do think Canadian customers will have a special connection to the brand. From the company’s cottagey aesthetic to their sustainable values, Tiny Empire is truly a Canadian brand, through and through- plus- the owner is an absolute pleasure to work with.

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