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Valley Child Brand Review

Shopping sustainably is now easier than ever before. While many chain retailers are stocked to the nines with clothing, food and gadgets that were not produced ethically or sustainably, there are so many small businesses online that are committed to making a positive change.

Valley Child, a Canadian family business, is one such company. Primarily using sustainable rayon from bamboo and cotton, Valley Child is reducing our carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort or style. We tried some of their baby clothes (and other fun goodies!) and compiled some of our thoughts here:

Cloth Masks, Coffee and Kombucha

One thing that immediately stands out about Valley Child is the diversity of their inventory. At the current moment, their clothing collection is a small but mighty capsule, with mostly essential items (such as dresses, rompers and bloomers) available.

However, we found that it was their collections outside of apparel that set them apart from other brands. Valley Child offers super soft bedding sets that we adored, along with Ottawa Valley Coffee, Montreal-style bagels, and even kombucha in three different flavours.

If you are looking for more PPE to protect you during the second wave of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we also enjoyed their cotton cloth masks, which have space for an extra filter for those of us who need the extra layer of protection.

Ultimately, it was super hard to skim through their online catalogue without adding absolutely everything to our carts, which is everything we want from an online store.

Bamboo Everything

Many Valley Child products are made from OEKO-TEX certified bamboo, which is widely regarded as a sustainable and ultra-soft fabric.

This made for some very cozy clothes, such as their bamboo romper ( the comfiest thing we own)- but one of our favourite items in their store is the Bamboo Everything Blanket. An incredibly soft and breathable swaddling blanket, this product is handmade in Canada and comes in an assortment of colours and matching hats for your newborn.

The blanket was is so irresistibly soft to the touch from our end, we could not imagine how spoiled a baby must feel cuddled up in this stellar product.

Shopping and Stockist Information

The best way to get Valley Child products is through their online store, also they do have two stockists, both located in Ontario.

If, like us, you think that Valley Child is an ideal place to find great gifts, but you are unsure about which sizes or specific products to buy, consider their e-gift card programs. Gift cards are entirely digital, start at $10, and they never expire, meaning you can give them to even the biggest procrastinators without fear.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, we were quite impressed with the versatility of Valley Child’s products-- after all, it is not every day that you find a brand that can satisfy your coffee cravings and dress our babies in stylish, environmentally responsible fashion.

We are proud to offer Valley Child clothing merchandise here at MAB organics , and we hope that you will join us in supporting a local, family-run business.

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